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Innovation Studios is a creative agency representing graphic designers, content creators, choreographers, dancers, and artists with a wide array of talents with a mission to entertain and inspire the surrounding community.

Our team of graphic designers, social media experts, photographer/videographers, and content creators partner with individuals and businesses to form and manage content strategies for both small and large projects, harnessing brand design, copy, art, and digital technology.

We fully analyze market trends, consumer needs, and the competitor landscape to attract your target audience in the development of messaging and deliverables. We pride ourselves in producing fresh, innovative work that translates complex ideas into compelling print materials and digital experiences.

Our choreographers, dancers, and artists perform in productions, including music videos, film, television, commercials, theatre, live shows, print, and artistic development.

This creative agency stresses authenticity, quality, and memorable experiences above all else, only represents the elite artists in their field, and mentors those who have a true passion for their work.

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Tamiko T. Stroud, aka Tam, is originally from the city of Doanldsonville, Louisiana. Tam is our Creative Director, problem-solver, and a walking vision board.

She coordinates projects that involve graphic design, content creation, and dance choreography for communities all throughout the state of Louisiana.

Tam approaches projects with an open mind as she manages a cross-functional team of graphic designers, social-media experts, and photographer/videographers in the strategic development of messaging and deliverables gathering up to 50,000 views per project on media platforms.

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Tamiko T. Stroud, MBA

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